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3 Things to Do After a Job Interview

You prepared long and hard for your job interview, so you probably want to kick back on your couch and relax once it's over. However, if you want to increase your chances of landing your dream position, don't unwind just yet. What you do after the interview can have a major effect on your prospective employer's decision. Here are three things to do after a job interview:

1. Write down the interview questions you were asked

When you get home from your interview, record the questions you were asked and the answers you gave. If you have more interviews with the company, you will at least have a record of what you said in the previous meeting. This also gives you a chance to examine your answers and determine if you left anything out, or how you may answer the question more effectively if asked again in future meetings. If you forgot to mention a key point, jot it down in your notebook in case you get called for a second interview.

"A thank-you note shows you are enthusiastic about the position."

2. Send a thank - you note

Although a thank-you note certainly won't guarantee you the job, it shows the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about the position. According to Alison Green, author of "How to Get a Job," a thank you note can give you an advantage if the employer is trying to decide between you and another applicant.

"When the decision is close between you and another candidate, a thoughtful thank-you note can tilt the scales in your direction — especially if the note isn't just a perfunctory "thank you for your time," but contains substance that builds on the conversation you had during the interview," she said.

In the note, tell the employer you appreciate that he or she took the time to interview you, express your interest in the position and explain why you are the right person for the job. Although it's perfectly fine to send this note through email,delivering a hand-written note the next day will help you stand out even more.

3. Make a follow - up call 

If the interviewer invited you to contact him or her with any questions, don't hesitate to give that person a call two or three days after your interview. You may want to mention in your thank-you note that if you will be following up if you haven't heard from them within a certain amount of time. This will show your diligence if you follow up accordingly, and it will also communicate your interest in the position. After you have introduced yourself, Hcareers suggests asking the employer if the position has been filled yet. If the position is still open, avoid telling him or her why you are the best person for the job. It's better to just tell the interviewer that you have a lot of respect for the company and are still interested in the position.

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