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Benefits of Using a Retained Search Firm



Most companies use outside retained search firms for key hires above $100,000. Hiring an executive recruiter shows the potential candidate that the position is critical to the company. The organization demonstrates its commitment to success, which is important to key hires.


If publicizing the open position puts the company at risk, or the search needs to remain confidential, then hiring an executive recruiter is warranted. For companies that need to line up a replacement while the senior executive is still in the role, search firms can ensure confidentiality even when casting a wide net.

Key Player

You are seeking a specific talent/skill set or need the “proven” abilities of a market leader. Any time you have a senior executive search, it is an opportunity to trade up to a top performer and drive results.

Top Talent

The employer knows the value of top talent, so they want to run a comprehensive search to ensure they get the very best hire. They know that passive job seekers are the most likely source for top talent.


When you need to expedite the hire of a key executive, top employers know that they will get complete dedication from a firm that is retained. A large database of top talent is key to expediting an important search.

Succession Planning

If you have a key executive position with no internal successor, then you will want to retain a firm that can consult with you and not just try to pair key words on resumes and job descriptions. 

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