My Prayer - Contentment

Great God you are the source of contentment and all things that are good.We are grateful for the many blessings you provide. With great care you bless us with favor and trials. Forgive us when we focus not on our blessings but instead on the things we have not. Adam and Eve set this example when their focus was shifted from the abundance of blessings within the garden to the one forbidden fruit they were asked to ignore. We are like this today, and toil we do with our ill-contented lives. Our lack of contentment robs us of joy and peace and replaces them with anger, jealousy, hatred, and bitterness. These emotions are manifested in murder, lies, deception, envy, and manipulation. The story of Cain and Abel are yet another example, as are the countless stories throughout history and in our current times.We are thankful for these stories as they serve as a reminder to us.Help us not to ignore the truth of your Word and help us keep in perspective our many blessings.You have offered us salvation in Jesus Christ, what more could we ask for?What else offers the kind of contentment that is highlighted in this tremendous sacrifice.We ask for the courage to overcome our tendencies to compare ourselves, our possessions, and our life circumstances to others.Help us to keep at bay forbidden desires, or desires out of our reach.Set our hearts on joy, not happiness.In your holy name I pray! -Amen

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