My Prayer - In Your Presence

I come to be in your presence Almighty Father. To sit near your throne where you govern the seen and unseen. My faith is like the woman who touches the hem of Jesus' robe. As with her, I, too, am healed. When I'm in your presence and my heart is filled with your holy spirit there is nothing that causes me distress. I feel the peace of a sleeping infant. I am without worry. I feel weightless. Forgive me when I fail to regularly be in your presence, seeking you, opening my heart to the amazing comfort of your peace, truth and love. There are many distractions and I am flawed. My email, my lists, the urgent (but not important) can consume me. These things are pale in comparison. They lack color and life, yet I'm drawn to them. They do not offer the abundance of peace, the freedom from worry and stress, and the warmth of your love, yet shift my focus they do.

Thank you for always calling me back into your presence, and for the warm welcome upon my every return. Thank you for my many blessings, like my family, our health, my ability to provide for myself, my family, and others. Help me to be mindful always of other's needs and to share what you have given me so freely (grace, peace, love, joy). I want to be a good steward of these gifts! I want you to beam with pride when you look upon my life and my works. Help me to be a beacon of light to others, so my life and purpose involves bringing others into oneness with you. I pray for those who do not know the incredible comfort that only you can offer. Bring them to their knees, remove the scales from their eyes and renew them with your eternal ways. Our lives and hearts are broken, but you mend us with your love. Grateful, humbled, peaceful and renewed I sit in your presence. -Amen!

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