My Prayer - Nourishment

Let not pride or self-service be foremost on our mind. Instead, focus us on relationship with You. Open our hearts to the calling of Your Holy Spirit. Let us breathe it in like life-giving oxygen. We are ravenous for what is of this world. Our consumption is unending and the gorging on "things" leaves us malnourished. Delight us in the taste and nutrition of Your Word. It offers life and health-giving nutrients that prepare us a for Your calling. It gives us strength, allows us to rest well, and readies us for the obstacles and challenges of our days.

If we know of the tremendous benefit, why do we consume it so infrequently? If we are left empty by the consumption of "things", then why do we pursue them with such vigor? Why do our tastes lead us in less holy and healthy directions? Lord God, we ask for the courage and willpower to overcome our self-destructive tendencies. Offer these to us in abundance so that we may use them to grow in relationship with You and demonstrate to others the eternal bounty that it offers. Open our eyes so that we may clearly recognize the lack of nourishment in the consumption and pursuit of "things". This I pray in your holy name, Amen!

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