My Prayer - Relationship

Almighty, loving father You are the creator of relationship.You desire to be close to us and for us to be close to each other.You spent time with Adam & Eve in the garden, you fashioned a woman from Adam’s rib for companionship. You spoke to your people in voice and in the supernatural. You chose prophets to speak your truths. You sent your Son to spend time with us after we ignored your many promptings, and we are now His bride. After His ascension to Heaven you left us Your Holy Spirit who seeks to be in relationship with us.

It is clear that relationships are important to You. Why then do we struggle with them? We fail to be honest, we take for granted, we live in fear of speaking truth despite the love behind it, and we allow negative emotions to lead us down destructive paths. How can we get better at relationship with You and with each other?How can we as spouses, parents, children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers learn to be in the kind of relationship with others that would honor and make You proud?Forgive us for taking You and each other for granted, and for using relationships for the purpose of manipulation and selfish pursuits.

Make right our hearts and give us the courage to speak honestly and in love. We seek your Holy Spirit to enter and remain in our hearts so that we may have an eternal compass that leads us into enriching, honest, and loving relationships. Provide us the conviction and courage to end or repair our broken relationships despite the fears that may be gripping us. We ask these things so we may make You proud and experience the fullness of life as You designed it. In your holy name I pray. -Amen!

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