My Prayer - Return

The clutter of my mind has taken me away, distracted me from meaningful communication with you. I tire, but you are always there, pursuing me. There is no rest, no peace, like that which comes from spending time with You, seeking the will of your Holy Spirit. I study the scriptures seeking understanding and wisdom that I can apply to my life today, seeking to simplify what at times can seem overly complex. I cannot fully interpret them (the scriptures) on my own, but your Holy Spirit is my translator. I have great peace when I am with You. It is like my first breath after being on the verge of suffocation or drowning. It sustains me. I eat the Word and I am full.

Thank you Almighty Father for the nourishment of your word and the encouragement, support, and understanding that comes from your Holy Spirit. Insulate me from evil, from what is unholy. Otherwise, strengthen me so that I may be your instrument in its dismantling. Many are in need. I know you hear their call. Soften their hearts and draw them into your word and into a relationship with you, just as you have with me. We are starved for truth and we call on You for its nourishment. Make me a remnant that makes You proud. In your holy name I pray. -Amen!

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