My Prayer - The Author of Life

Almighty and eternal God, at times (when I slow down and reflect) I am humored by my tireless efforts to author my own story. I fail to remember and embrace your sovereignty. You know how I toil over the challenges in my life, and how I suffer from chronic self-sufficiency. How can I possibly know better than you? Are you not the author of my life, life as we know it today, and the author of eternity? Anxiety, worry, stress, and fear overtake me at times. I’m distracted by them because of the circumstances, challenges, and burdens this life offers me. Thank you for your patience with me as I struggle with these feelings. They are my constant reminder of your grace and providence. For in my time of struggle I am being prepared, fortified, strengthened, and readied for what is yet to come that only You, the author of life, can know. I am not alone. There are many who do not yet know your love for them. They do not know the incredible comfort that comes from a relationship with you. It is for them that I pray. I pray that they would find the strength to let go of what is of this world and turn towards the rest that can only be offered by You. Help us all to let go and receive the wonderful gift of grace and peace! -Amen

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