My Prayer - The Ultimate Remedy

Lord God, You are a nourishing soup to our sick soul, a salve for our wounds, a soft bed when we are tired and weary. You tend to our every need, even when we have chosen a life that causes us to be sick, wounded, and weary. You draw us near in our times of need. You seek to be in relationship with us and for us to embrace your ways, but we choose our own path and we become lost, disoriented, and without proper direction. You are our compass, and we can always find our way when you are with us.

Your people Israel chose another way and you sent prophets to warn them of their impending punishment if they did not change their ways, but their hearts were calloused and their ears were clogged by their egotistical self-pursuits. You brought punishment upon them just as was prophesied, and Babylon and Assyria destroyed but a tiny remnant of your people. Surely we are no different from your chosen people of old! What prophet do we ignore today, but your Holy Spirit and your Word? Why do we repeat the lessons already taught by Israel? Who is our modern day Babylon? Who will be our captors? How long will it take for our calloused hearts to give up our ways and seek the nourishment, healing, and rest that only you can provide?

Forgive us, O Lord, that we choose you last, only in our time of great despair. Strip us of our ego and our selfish desires. Remove the idols that lead us astray, and unclog our ears so that we may hear your call! Thank you for never leaving us and for the challenges, which bring us to our knees. We are grateful for these blessings, despite the temporary discomfort that comes as a result. We ask that the sick and afflicted be nourished by your hope and healing power, the weary and broken are provided rest, and that your light would shine bright in the hearts of your faithful, ridding the world of darkness. You are the ultimate remedy for our bodies, minds, and souls. -Amen

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