My Prayer - Truly

Father...a protector, a provider, a comforter, an advisor. How do we not fully rely on and know, truly know, you?Like an earthly father staring down at the baby in his arms, his own flesh and blood, in awe and wonder of the life he created, you are a father who desires to see us rest peacefully in your arms. Why are we so restless? What could be more desirable than experiencing the peace, love, and protection of a loving, wise and eternal father?Beside your fire I find warmth. Under your shelter I am protected. On your bed I find rest. In your Word I find wisdom.How grateful I am. For all who truly know you they are blessed! Search and seek us despite our rebellion. Break us so that we may truly know you, not just in our mind, but in our heart and soul. In You I trust. Truly. -Amen!

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