My Prayer - Watchmaker

Our lives move and operate with extreme precision. Like a watch our lives move like the springs and gears with nothing moving outside of its order. Lord, You are the watchmaker and all things happen in Your time. Forgive our impatience, lack of faith, and constant interference with your will.

We find ourselves facing struggles, challenges, and inconveniences that interfere with our plans and we fail to remember your sovereignty and care in every detail of our lives. You do all things for good. Help us become instruments for what is good and to remember you have a plan for our lives. Remove the temptations and expectations brought by this world. Help clear the clutter and distraction and bring your order back into our lives. It brings us immeasurable peace and we are content when we allow you to be in control and we seek your Holy Spirit. We know, because your Spirit confirms in our hearts that this world is fleeting. Help us make eternal thinking central to our lives. Give us the wisdom to discern what is holy and what is of this world. Make the seemingly sweet and desirable tastes of this world bitter and focus our hearts on eternal thinking and action so that it is evident to you and to all that the “timing” and “movement” of our lives could only be designed by a sovereign and most high god.

We lift up all the worries and concerns on our hearts. The frustrations from work, the illness of loved ones, intolerance and hatred, broken or strained relationships, addictions, and self-doubt. We seek the peace and comfort of knowing You are a god that cares for us and wants only the very best for us. In Your holy name - Amen!

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