My Prayer - What It’s Like For Me

Heavenly Father, governor of all domains, almighty and compassionate. I feed myself your Word each day and I am nourished. Afterwards I bow my head in observance of your majesty. I wear a gentle smile because I am satisfied, and grateful is my heart. I reveal to You my inmost; the painful truths, the joys, the concerns, and the hopes. I do so without reservation. You reveal what is unknown to me, you provision truth. You give sight to my blind eyes. You are an infinite source of satisfaction to my soul. I rest in your arms and enjoy your company as a baby in the arms of his mother. I sit on the edge of my seat seeking wisdom and understanding that I may have the knowledge of the eternal, and that I may apply it in a world desperately in need. You do not allow me to gorge on wisdom, but instead you feed me bits at a time so there is no waste. I wrestle with my lack of understanding, but in time you fill the gaps. I am perfect only in my knowledge of your holiness and sovereignty. I am faithful, but I am not perfect in anything else. You are my counsel and you avail yourself always to the humble heart. Protect my heart from callous, strike down my pride and ego, allow the fruits of humility to spring up in abundance and feed the masses. Not that I would be revered, but that you would be. That the seeds of humility’s fruit would spread and the world be forever changed. In Your Holy Name! -Amen

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