My Prayer - Your Bride

Almighty, sovereign, creator of all we know, you are the one true God! Your people are your bride, and we are made one with you. It is our custom to find an earthly bride, someone who we commit our lives to. Someone we enter into a covenant with. This covenant makes us one. It is precious and sacred, and we expect it to be honored, yet we fail, just as in our covenant with you. We find ways to serve ourselves, our own interests, and selfishly fail to consider the effects. Why do we fail? What causes us to ignore, or take for granted this precious covenant? We know it only ends badly, but still we fail despite the overwhelming evidence against us.

You are patient, and your ways are not ours. Forgive us when we fail in our relationships with others, especially the holy covenant of marriage. Especially forgive us when we choose other relationships, interests, and things over you. Thank you for your persistent and tireless pursuit of us, your bride. Thank you for wanting to be in relationship with us. We have given you every opportunity for divorce.

Give us faithful hearts committed in our relationships, especially our relationship with you. Fill our heart's with your Holy Spirit and convict us by what is pleasing in your sight. Help us to heal this broken world through our relationships. Let us begin with those closest to us and to seek forgiveness and repentance with those we have failed. Mend or hearts and our souls. Heal the bodies and minds of those who are sick or afflicted. Protect those in harm's way and give them courage. Lift up and give hope to the lost and downtrodden. And, restore us in our commitment and relationship with you! In your holy name I pray! –Amen

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