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Your Employees and Their Health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital in order to produce high quality work.


Focusing and communicating effectively requires adequate daily sleep. Sleep patterns drastically affect your mood and consequentially, the relationships that you have with co-workers. While most working adults average between 6 and 7 hours of sleep each night, doctors recommend a minimum of 8. Getting in an extra hour of rest can set you apart from co-workers in terms of an exceptional versus mediocre performance.


It is easy to blame lack of time as an excuse to not exercise. However, physical activity is essential to sustain a strong mind. Adding exercise to your daily routine can lead to immense improvements in job performance. In the morning, awaken your body by jogging around the neighborhood. When possible, arrive at work ten minutes early and ditch the elevator for the stairs. During lunch breaks, take a fifteen-minute walk around your work complex. Unwind at the end of the day with a yoga class. Choosing one or more of these easy options will decrease your stress levels and increase your daily productivity.


You are what you eat. Consuming unhealthy food can leave you feeling lethargic, physically and mentally. Optimum workplace performance requires eating a nutrient-rich diet. Always have breakfast; a banana and a bowl of whole-grain cereal will activate your brain and prepare you for morning tasks. When snacking, avoid sugary food and choose healthier options, such as nuts and fruit. Smart snacking will rejuvenate your mind as you begin to run low on energy throughout the day. Finally, get the most out of meals by making each a combination of lean protein, whole grains, and produce.

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