Why Us

True North is an executive search and high-end staff augmentation firm specializing in Information Technology, Business Optimization (Six Sigma & Lean), Accounting, and Finance. The average experience of our recruiters is approximately ten years. Through this experience the quality of our vetting process is unmatched. In addition, we deploy a unique blend of technologies to extend our reach to millions of active and passive job seekers globally. This includes resume aggregators that are actively populating our database so we can respond quickly to client requests for talent.

Knowing & Understanding Your Business

We understand that your investment in talent acquisition is a costly one, but we also know that investment in the wrong talent can be far more costly. At True North we believe that in order to insure successful fit and a favorable return on your investment candidates need to bring both Technical Competence and Cultural Fit. Our primary objective is both a successful placement for the job seeker, as well as for the employer. In order to achieve this ‘fit’, our team leverages an average of more than 10 years in the recruiting industry each to effectively qualify the technical and cultural elements of your job requirements. These critical elements will serve as our roadmap to identifying the ideal candidate and best fit, thus helping you achieve a positive return on investment.

Leading Edge Technology & Processes

True North is committed to implementing and fully leveraging the best in leading edge talent delivery technologies. Our deep experience and knowledge of the talent delivery process is a key driver to our ability to maximize technologies and develop efficient processes that keeps our brand amongst the industry leaders. With top technology and business processes optimizing these technologies, we are able to reach millions of active and passive job seekers. These technologies include an industry leading Applicant Tracking System for talent and client relationship management, resume aggregation technology to help passively populate our ATS with skills that are core to our specializations, and many other third party technologies that extend the reach of our talent delivery team.

Interviewing & Screening

With an average of more than 10 years per employee, our team is highly effective at not only sourcing talent using our technology and long-standing personal networks, we know how to interview and screen active and passive job seekers to ensure the best fit and return on your investment. Our focus starts with understanding the needs of job seekers. With this in mind we can match job seeker needs and abilities with employer technical and cultural requirements. We are committed to meeting with all local talent when it is feasible. In those circumstances when we are unable to meet with someone personally we will pursue references in advance of submitting a resume to confirm the candidates meet our quality standards.

Focused on Quality

At True North we seek relationship with top employers, as well as job seekers. With client opportunities that offer intriguing value propositions we can gain the attention of quality job seekers, whether active or passive. Again, relying on our many years of recruiting experience and leading edge technology, we can reach millions of active and passive job seekers all over the country. Our commitment to quality begins with our commitment to understanding the job and its unique value proposition. Leveraging our years of experience and proven tools we are able to customize job descriptions that attract top talent. Our interviewing and screening methodology then puts the final touch on our commitment to quality.

Quality, Focused, Experts

We know that top talent is the key differentiator between businesses and industry leaders. This is not only true for our clients, but true for our industry, too. We attract top talent by deploying the same approach to talent acquisition of any top employer. It starts with a radical commitment to our vision, mission, and values, which is our road map to building a culture that top recruiters want to take part in. We offer great benefits and compensation programs that aid in our attraction of talent, but are also important to helping us maintain employee tenure.

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